It's time to step into your INNER FEMININE POWER and PASSION

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7 Quick Tips on How to Step into your INNER FEMININE POWER and PASSION


Are you tired of always feeling the pressure that comes with constantly thinking about what others may or may not be thinking about you?  These 'external' thoughts are the reason that you can't even hear the still, quiet voice of your soul through the chaos of the mind. It is because of these thoughts you may be feeling like you are in the corner whilst others are out freely living their lives! 

Follow these 7 Quick Proven Tips on How to Step into your INNER FEMININE POWER and PASSION and you will confidently walk out the corner and into the centre stage of your life.


Stop what you are doing right now! Put your hand on your heart and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. As you listen to your heartbeat, begin to reflect on the choices that you have. Notice the feeling those choices have in your body: if they feel light add them into the vortex and any that feel heavy, put them outside the funnel shaped vortex.

Now begin to ask yourself, what are you being drawn to in life? Do any particular places or people spring to mind? Add those into the vortex.

I believe that if you want to step into your Inner Feminine Power you have to begin to TRUST the love, inner value and structure of your heart, which can be felt through the still beat of the heart. As we begin to trust this process of reflection we will begin to note that our power as a woman is being able to move forward, not backwards, WITHOUT guilt. Moving forward means moving from the space of lightness within the vortex. 

When you begin to walk in the steps of your soul you begin to walk in your Feminine Passion. Every moment of every day is an opportunity for us to address the steps of our soul. For too long we have been living in denial of who we are, we have been living in the corner. This phase of our life was so important, we need to learn to trust all stages of our life, because it was showing us what it means to truly deny our power and passion. But now… NOW we step into the relief of no longer needing to please others and we begin to take the steps from the vortex of our divine Inner Feminine Power and Passion.

Be a ‘Thrivalist’ every day – Add to that which is in your vortex EVERY DAY! Write an ‘I am’ statement and consciously say this to yourself 21 times today. Make sure you comment below if you would like my guidance and support on this point.

STEP 2: Hone in on Awareness

I don’t know about you but I am so tired of living according to the expectations of others. I know that there is so much that I want to live for and explore. I know there is still so much within me that I have been denying because of the fear of rejection and the fear of not being good enough. I’m tired of only living half a life where I am unhappy. I’m ready to release all the pain that has been building up inside of me.

 Begin to share your dreams. Begin to talk to the people that you trust. Begin to surround yourself with people who are also on the same path as you. You do become the people that are closest to you.

Be a ‘Thrivalist’ every day – With each step we take we are moving closer to our true destiny if we continuously become SPIES. Each of these steps we take each day. As we take one step forward we leave one ‘old step’ behind us.


It is one thing to say that it is important to listen closely to the pulse of your heart so that it can remind you what steps to take to the fulfilment, power and passion within, but what happens is (when?) your heart isn’t beating to the rhythm of fear? – I don’t understand. What happens when your heart is beating to the rhythm of fear? You need to re-draft this

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to us “healing the soul steps” (??... ) that guide us and inform us about what our purpose in life is. If you were to give yourself permission to feel the fear and anxiety how would you see it?

Do you see fear as a vibration that is trapping you? Do you feel like you are trapped in a box and you can’t get out because the box is too small or too strong?


Do you see that the fear that you are feeling comes from the scared inner child within you? I believe that most, if not all, of our fears are a result of a moment in time when you were still a child, expressing your dream of fulfilment in a way that only children can, and you were made to feel ‘not good enough’! As a result of that you developed defence mechanisms to prevent you from ever feeling that feeling again. Whenever we are feeling fear, the inner child is actually just saying, “Be careful! I don’t want to feel that deep hurt and pain again!”

“It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

How then do you respond to the feeling of fear within your body so that you can still this sound so that you can listen to the rhythm of your soul?

Be a ‘Thrivalist’ every day – Ask yourself, what can I do today to honour the inner child within me? Do at least one action a day that honours your Inner Feminine Power and Passion!


Life is very simple! What we give out, we get back.
                                                                   -Louise Hay

I have always been open and willing to release that which no longer serves me, my challenge has always been around letting go of that which I am not consciously aware that I need to let go of. My question to you today is, would you like to learn the steps to uncover that which is unconsciously limiting you from truly living?

Be a ‘Thrivalist’ every day – Don’t worry about finding your true soul steps to Feminine Power and Passion. Take one step every day to remove the denial that you don’t need to embrace your power. Truly live from the inner power and passion every day.

Step 5: INVENT

What do you want to feel today? What do you want to INVENT, step into and LIVE in every moment today?

Be a ‘thrivalist’ every day – Each day you have the opportunity and possibility to work with the divine and to connect to your soul and INVENT a life that you love, but you have to go into the ‘Library of Light’ each day.


Stepping into your Inner Feminine Power and Passion means you love what you do, love who you are and love every moment of your day.

How do you find out what you LOVE doing? Well, we connect with the inner child because we all know that children have the most fun. I’m going to encourage you to connect with the youngest memory you have of having an AMAZING, FUN, MAGICAL time.

Be a ‘Thrivalist’ everyday – what one thing are you doing today to light the flame within your heart and choose one action that is in alignment with the magic and vibrancy of who you truly are?


If I were to tell you that you are important, what would your first reactive thought be? Our next step is to integrate that we are important and to begin to shift the value of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual worlds. It is time we look more deeply into the relationship we have with ourselves – the knowing that our true worth is found in the depth of our being, consciousness and life. This is very different to your ‘outer worth’.

We need to begin to value who we are without feeling guilty. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. It’s time we stop denying our true greatness and start taking steps to expand the power and passion that is within us. Today I would like to encourage you to write a letter to the younger you. Connect with the part of you that feels they are not important, that they are not loved and write a letter to that inner child.

Be a ‘thrivalist’ every day – Be grateful each day for the journey you are on. Remember there is no right or wrong, only that which is or isn’t in alignment with your soul. Connect to your soul every day to continue to learn and live from your inner being and expand into your greatness.

If you would like to continue to walk in freedom, I would like you to download my  FREE  Day Inner Feminine Power and Passion Growth Worksheet HERE

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Content inspired by: Melissa Freemantle
Idea credit: Tim T Dingle


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