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Uncategorized Nov 20, 2016

How do I feel a deeper sense of clarity for who I am as a person? Do you feel really shy so much so that when you are with people you put on the mask of ‘confidence’ in the hope that people will like you more? Do you wear this mask of confidence in the hope that people won’t see how embarrassed you get when talking to people? Who are you? Do you feel out of touch with who you are? Do you feel connected to who you really are? Are you looking for support around this? Are you at a cross roads in your life and you would like to know how to make the ‘right’ decision? What decision should I take that is in alignment with who I truly am?

In the blog I am going to support you in finding the tools within yourself to create a life that you really love. A life that you VIBRANTLY live. You thrive, you don’t just exist. Up until now I believe that who we are as people is a set of unconscious belief systems that we have created from the ages of 0 – 7 years. 90% of the thoughts that you have every day are conditioned thoughts that come from the views and values of the society that you grew up in. In order to really thrive in life it is important that you feel safe. A lot of people don’t feel safe to explore issues that don’t make them happy. This is because our conditioned views were originally created as defence mechanisms to protect us from an original thought of lack of worth.

An example of how this works can best be explained by giving you a story of one of my clients. This particular client had severe social anxiety and are extremely embarrassed to talk to people. What uncovered during our sessions was that when they were very young, around 2 or 3 years of age, they loved the idea of exploring. They remembered often running around the town or their home exploring and going on new adventures. To them this memory holds moments of pure happiness and they felt that they loved them. Then what started to happen was that their parent’s started saying things like, “Don’t do that”, “Come back”, “Be quiet”. What is important to clarify now is that a young child doesn’t understand, process and analyse life the way that the adult mind can. They take things very personally on an unconscious level. What happened to this person was that they made an association with ‘loving life’ and ‘exploring’ which was them ‘truly expressing themselves’ as being wrong. They felt that what they wanted to do thus who they were ‘wasn’t good enough’. Slowly what happened is the light within started to become more and more covered up by the belief systems that were being imposed on them by society.
Of course, I am not making any one right or wrong here and of course we live in a society where safety and the physical realities of this world need to be considered however the inner child does not understand and comprehend this concept.

Now the healing with this client began when we brought this into awareness. We then worked on creating a safe space for them to explore and start to express the light of who they were again. We provide a space for them to understand that who there were ‘was good enough’ and from this we started to look at every day actions that would start to make their ‘heart sing’ again.

At the heart of a lot of our unhappiness and problems is that we don’t feel safe to be who we are because we feel that who we are isn’t good enough. If you think about all the problems that you currently have; whether it is a lack of clarity or confidence, whether you are exploring ‘who you are’ or whether you are at a cross roads in your life, my question to you is do you really feel safe ‘being who you are?’ Your answer is most likely going to be no because at the heart of what we all feel is the thought that ‘we aren’t good enough’.
My gift to you today is the idea that who you are is not influenced by the opinions and views of society. Who you are on a soul level is ‘perfect, whole and complete’. No matter what any one tells you about who you should be or what you should think, that is just conditioning from the outside in (society in). The gift here is that who you are as an expression comes from the inside out (soul out). You are perfect, whole and complete JUST THE WAY you are.

In conclusion, if you feel that you lack clarity and confidence within yourself; ask yourself the question, “Are you relating to people from the truth of who you are, which is that you are perfect, whole and complete?” Or are you relating to them from what you feel they think about you? What some body else thinks of you really doesn’t matter because their opinion is not who you are on a soul level.

If you are trying to make a life decision; whose decision are you trying to make? Are you trying to make a decision that is in alignment with what society says you should be or in alignment with your truth, who you truly are?

If you are trying to find out who you are; the answers lie in awareness of which thoughts, actions and feelings that you currently have are conditioned and which come from the space of ‘I am perfect, whole and complete’.



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