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I’m not sure whether my current work is my ‘calling’. Is it where I am ‘supposed to be’? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life? Do you feel that you are being treated correctly by your employers? Do you feel that you are being valued for what you do by the people you work with? Do you feel worthy of getting a promotion? Are you scared of your upcoming yearly Performance Appraisal?

At the heart of this blog, as well as all the work I do, is to empower you to THRIVE in your professional work place. Often we feel that we just exist in our work place. We wake up and go to work and come back home and one day we find that we are in a ‘rut’. One day you wake up and realise that we just don’t feel fulfilled. So the questions is, “How do you become fulfilled in your work place”? What would this look like as a reality?

I really believe that people feel unhappy and want to leave their job because of two reasons:
Firstly, they begin to feel too much pressure at work. This pressure comes from either themselves or those around them to be ‘better’ than who they currently are. Unconsciously we interpret this as meaning that what are are currently doing and who we are isn’t good enough. It is because of this unconscious feeling that one may feel that they are unable to express who they truly are in their work place. This leads to the feeling and the knowing that you aren’t honouring who you are and what you need in the workplace. This adds to the pressure one feels because understanding what it means to ‘honour’ yourself in the work place is hard for people to define.

Secondly people leave because they have an unconscious fear that they will be ‘caught out’. What this means is that a great deal of people feel that they are ‘faking it’ in their job and that we are not as good as we are pretending to be. This causes fear, especially around performance appraisals, because at the heart we don’t feel that who we are is good enough.

I believe that all people, situations and events are a reflection of where you are or aren’t in alignment with your truth. This can also be said for how you view your workplace. So whenever you are asking a question around your work, I would always encourage people to ask, ‘What are you feeling about your OWN worth?” Are you looking for recognition from outside of yourself, which is head recognition or are you looking for recognition from within yourself which is soul recognition.

The head always wants to be right becaue this is the space it feels the most safe with. This is because as you have grown up the head has created many unconscious belief systems (which are actually defence mechanisms) which prevent you from feeling lack of worth. These defence mechanisms support you when ever a situation arises which reflects a lack of worth. If you are in the work place what happens is that because of the way the society has created the work place, we are constantly looking for head validation and recognition. We are constantly trying to fit into a box that will ensure that we get the next promotion. It is about ticking boxes that were created by the work culture we are in. Now there is nothing right or wrong about this system but what it does do is provide a space for people to feel that they ‘have’ to give up who they are in the work place to ensure that they get the promotion (because this is the head validation that we do need) as well as getting an increase (because we have a lot of fear around the security of money).

What’s really important is to explain that at the heart of who you are, is some one that IS good enough. Who you are is ‘perfect, whole and complete’ as a person and no matter what you do or you don’t do, whether you get a promotion or not, whether you conform and tick the box or not, you are still worthy as a person. We forget this in the work place because we are constantly wanting to fit in because if we don’t fit in we aren’t going to be accepted and thus not get the promotion that we need on a head level.

So what happens is that the pressure of trying to fit in and meet the expectations of others causes us to feel the fear that we ‘will be caught out’ because we are ‘faking it’ because that is often genuinely what we are doing. We aren’t acting in alignment with who we are. We are acting in the way we think we SHOULD act.

On a soul level we don’t want to fit into a box. So this is why some people leave, because they feel that they will be caught out and the pressure causes unhappiness which is why they want to leave their jobs.

On the other side, other people leave because they connect to the truth of who they are and they come to the realisation that the job is not reflecting who they truly are and it isn’t making them feel good on a soul level. It isn’t in alignment with the soul recognition that you need. That the job doesn’t ignite the fire within your heart!

This is a difficult question to ask, what sets your heart on fire? Love what you do and you will never work another day in your life! I often say, “I do what I love and I love what I do”! Are you in the space where you are doing what you love? And even if you love what you do, are you doing every mundane task with passion? Are you vibrantly living in your work place every second of the day.

In completion I would like to leave you with the idea that it is not always the work place, it is not always the boss themselves rather than what value they are reflecting back at you about how you feel about YOURSELF. As you do one thing is how you do every thing. Imagine all the dynamics within your current work as a reflection of the lack of worth and the areas within your life where you are not in alignment. My encouragement is that you ask, “How can you shift those reflections so that they are in alignment with your truth? How can you make decisions that shift you into alignment with the truth of who you are which is that you are good enough?”



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