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Uncategorized Nov 13, 2016

Are you ready to move forward in your life but not sure how to do it whilst staying true to who you truly are?

Imagine being able to make decisions with clarity and peace knowing you are completely in alignment with yourself.  In the blog I am going to share 7 steps to help you identify the barriers to decision making and ensure that you have the tools to handle them moving forward.

Step #1: TRUST

  Whenever you are at a point in your life where      you feel unhappy, the question to ask yourself is, “Who do I trust?” Who are the 5 closest people to you in your life at the moment? Do you trust them? Are you in a space in your life where you feel safe to express who you are? Do you have a space in your home where you can feel safe to ask yourself the awakening questions that are needed to uncover what is making you unhappy? More importantly however, do you trust yourself to make the right decision or do you feel that you ‘aren’t good enough’ so are the cause of your unhappiness? In order to heal any area within your life that is making you feel unhappy, one needs to create a safe space so that you can create a life that is in alignment with your truth.


90% of the thoughts that you have every day are conditioned thoughts that come from the views and values of the society that you grew up in. They form the set of unconscious belief systems that you have created from the ages of 0 – 7 years of age. Which means that up until now you have just been reacting rather than expressing the truth of who you are. So the first question is, “Which of the thoughts, feeling and actions that you take in life are from your soul (the truth of who you are) and which are from society (the conditioned you)?”


Up until now you have been doing the VERY BEST that you knew how to. You have been making the best decisions that you knew how to. So why then are you being so hard on yourself because you really have been doing the VERY BEST that you knew how to. This is the step that people often forget to do on their journey of healing. They forget to love themselves. Love and acknowledge all that you have done.


Do you need to release anything that is no longer in alignment with your highest good? If you look at the negative feelings that you have been having up until this point, do they come from the conditioned views of the past? Then it may be time to release these old belief systems and emotions. Are there any people in your life that are keeping you stuck in the behaviours that are harmful to you and not creating a safe space? Do you need to forgive any people in your life so that YOU can move forward into the future rather than carrying them with you into the new healed space that you want to create? The most important person to forgive is yourself. It is very healing to forgive yourself for all the ‘perceived’ wrong that you have done up until this point. Society tells us that we need to ‘do’ certain things to be perfect. The concept of perfection is from society. It implies imperfection which isn’t in alignment with who you are. You don’t need to do anything because at the core of who you are, you are PERFECT, WHOLE AND COMPLETE just the way that you are. This is the truth of who you are.

Step # 5: INVENT

This is a beautiful space where you can now really begin to invent anything you want for yourself and your life. What makes your ‘heart sing’? What makes you feel ‘light’? These are two wonderful tools to use as a guide to creating a life that you love.


We are so hard on ourselves. We spend most of our days feeling ‘bad’, complaining and being negative. Actually, life is about loving and embracing every second of our lives. Life is about vibrantly living each day.


Now that you have created a safe space and have a deeper understanding of who you are you can begin to really tap into who you are. Now that you have released belief systems that no longer serve you, you can start taking daily steps that move you closer to a life that is fully in alignment with the truth of who you are.

If you feel that you are feeling unhappy in any area of your life, my encouragement is that you go through each of the 7 steps above because I feel that these steps help you to holistically reignite who you truly are.


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