The secret to trusting yourself more and being genuine


“An Authentic Leader creates a safe space for themselves and others to fully express ALL of who they are.” - Connie-Lee Bennett, 2018

Do you...

1. Feel like you have to DO some thing to prove to yourself and others that you are 'good enough' and even when you do DO what you think was expected you still don't feel good enough?

2. Find it hard to stand up for yourself or find it hard to assert yourself?


3. Feel like you are constantly either comparing yourself to others or feel like you are being judged?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then congratulations on firstly being honest and secondly, you are like 99% of the population. We all have moments where we struggle with trusting ourselves and believing that being genuine and living our truth is good enough.

As some one who grew up with the belief system that "nothing I do will ever be good enough", I've found it ... challenging... to laugh at myself when I have 'done' some thing that hasn't...

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