Imagine a world where leaders understood that it was through their personal growth that they inspired and made an impact on others. 

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In this interview with Linda Rama, wife to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, she shares how continuing to grow from your weaknesses enables one to be a greater contributor in the world.


What is Meraki CLB Group?

In 2018, Meraki CLB Group was born as a combination of three ideas that our founder Connie-Lee Bennett had; to bridge her healing technique Meraki Healing (a healing technique that combines traditional psychotherapy methods and spiritual techniques), with her vision to inspire Authentic Leaders around the world to make a fulfilling impact.  

The Vision.

Imagine a world where we felt truly fulfilled in our personal and professional lives. Imagine a world where we were living our life's purpose. Imagine a world where we made a global impact through businesses that were created in alignment with who we truly are. This is the world Meraki CLB Group has been called to create. A world where Authentic Leaders grow each day into who they are destined to be so they can be role models for others to live their truth in their personal and professional lives.






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