About the THRIVE founder

Connie-Lee Bennett is the fabulous founder of THRIVE and Meraki Therapy. Meraki is Greek and it means doing some-thing from the soul. This is central to her approach.

She is passionate about inspiring people to awaken to and live who they truly are. When she was at university she went to the movies in her Pyjamas and her friends kept on saying to her, “Connie there is clearly nothing that you won’t do. You don’t seem to care what others think of you at all”. This is when she realised that her outward confidence was just a mask. Her nonchalance covered her deep insecurities about wanting to be accepted, so had created her own belief system; “If I appear more confident, people will like me”. Since starting her journey of awakening she has learnt not to be so hard on herself and no longer tries to be who other people expect her to be and is finding this a lot less tiring way to live!

Connie often asks her clients, “Who are YOU?” because it’s not a question most people feel comfortable answering. At the heart of her therapy she helps people to rediscover their answers to this question. She helps people discover the masks they have been wearing their whole lives and how to start living without them, knowing that they are now living their truth.

Connie believes that using an integrative approach in treating clients is essential. She does this by combining both traditional Psychotherapy techniques with more Holistic methods like: Mirror Work, Inner Child Healing, and Body Awareness. Clients leave with lasting tools to live a life where they thrive in the boardroom, the living room and the bedroom as their Personal Performance Mentor.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of Psychology, Connie has developed her own methodology: her T.H.R.I.V.E system and her Authentic Communication Model. Since moving to Paris, she has been voted the ‘Best Complementary therapist’, become an Authority in the field of Holistic Psychotherapy by launching her T.H.R.I.V.E system and Authentic Communication Model. Connie has spoken in the United Kingdom, India, Brussels, the Netherlands and France; produces her own radio show; has been interviewed on radio; written articles for magazines and authored various self-published books and created various online programmes. She also gives workshops twice a year in Paris and London.

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